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The Nests Park


The Nests Park
Landscape design at Dong Chang Zhi road crossing Xi An road, Shanghai.

This project is located in the middle of a super busy and large roads intersection in Hongkou district; even if the natural vocation of the site is to be a kind of roundabout unused traffic division area, we were challenged to transform it into a public park.
The project will be divided in two phases to adapt better to the fast development of the area into high-rise office buildings and commercial zone and to the consequent mutation of the street asset.
By coincidence the first phase site shape looks exactly like a google map pin and because the site will be mostly watched from the top view because of the high rise surrounding buildings we though to make it red so to make it really look like a pin especially from the people browsing the map on google satellite.
In the second phase we simply repeated the first phase circular roundabout shape all along the park site creating many round courtyard thanks to donuts shaped ground that creates an enveloped volume around the small seating areas giving privacy to the visitors that are protected from the noisy surrounding streets. To give even more sense of protection and to also create landmarks visible from the people passing by car we placed on the donuts bamboo structure sculptures that creates visual and shadow protection in the daytime and sculptural urban lamps in the night time.

景观设计 – 上海虹口区东长治路西安路交界






Programme: Public park, pavilions, toilets, benches.

Architecture firm: 3GATTI
Chief architect: Francesco Gatti
Project manager: Valentina Brunetti
Collaborators: Máté Mészáros, Gregorio Chierici, Xiyue Wang, Chang Qi, JunPeng Yang

Client: Shanghai Hongkou district government

Location: Dong Chang Zhi road crossing Xi An road, Shanghai, China.

Total floor area: 2100 m²

Design period: April 2014
Materials: bamboo structure, stainless steel furnitures, concrete tiles

项目内容:Public park, pavilions, toilets, benches.
设计公司 3GATTI
总设计师:Francesco Gatti
项目经理: Valentina Brunetti
设计团队:Máté Mészáros, Gregorio Chierici, Xiyue Wang, Chang Qi, JunPeng Yang


总建筑面积: 2100 m²
设计用材: 竹制结构材料,不锈钢家具,混凝土地块