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The Cutaway Neighborhood


The Cutaway Neighborhood
Landscape design at Hongkou district old neighborhood in Shanghai.

The brief for this project was to preserve and restore a heritage building once belonged to the famous Song Qingling and demolish most part of the site so to transform it into a public park. This actually was the luckiest part of the old neighborhood that sadly will be almost entirely demolished to give space to commercial and residential high-rise buildings.
Our strategy was to preserve as much as possible all the existing buildings or at least keep a visible memory of them. We opted for a conceptual operation of “cut” so to really slice the buildings diagonally and take away the upper part to leave visible the lower part of the existing walls. In this way we revealed the original houses layout and adding some new walls allowed us also to make the park between the walls feel like a labyrinth.
Because of the diagonal cut the transition between the main road and the preserved buildings will be gradual so to make the visitor perceive the walls getting higher and slowly feel the park mutating into more a rural urban space. Next to the preserved house we filled one old house with soil so to make the trees grow from the second floor of the building leaving space for an elevated garden/terrace so to extend the park inside the urban structure.

景观设计 – 上海虹口区旧街坊改造项目



Programme: Public park, terraces, heritage exhibition, toilets, benches.

Architecture firm: 3GATTI
Chief architect: Francesco Gatti
Project manager: Valentina Brunetti
Collaborators: Máté Mészáros, Gregorio Chierici, Xiyue Wang, Chang Qi, JunPeng Yang

Client: Shanghai Hongkou district government

Location: Xin Jian Road crossing Dong Yu Hang road, Shanghai, China.

Total floor area: 1800 m²

Design period: April 2014
Materials: recycled bricks, red resin


设计公司: 3GATTI
总设计师:Francesco Gatti
项目经理: Valentina Brunetti
设计团队:Máté Mészáros, Gregorio Chierici, Xiyue Wang, Chang Qi, JunPeng Yang
总建筑面积: 1800 m²