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Forest Furnitures


Forest Furnitures
Landscape design at Da Ming Rd crossing Nanxun Rd, Shanghai

The idea for this small landscape is to preserve the small existing forest next to the main road and add all necessary park equipment so to serve better the future high-rise office building that will rise in the same block.
The park furnitures will be divided in three height levels, from the shelter to the tables and the benches.
The idea is to create very thin rounded mirrored aluminum surfaces so to be almost invisible in elevation and completely mimetic because of the environment reflection. All those three levels surfaces will be built on site holed so to make each tree able to pass through. This will divide the view of the trees in two areas: the lower one where you will see the naked trunks reflected and stretched by the roof mirror, and the upper one where there will be all the trees leaves.
This tailor made reflecting surfaces will multiply the beauty of the forest but also serve the visitors who will be able to enjoy outdoor meals or work meetings using the tables comfortably screened from sunny and rainy days by the shelter.

景观设计 - 大名路南浔路交界,上海



Programme: Public open spaces, green areas, shelters, tables and benches.

Architecture firm: 3GATTI
Chief architect: Francesco Gatti
Project manager: Valentina Brunetti
Collaborators: Máté Mészáros, Gregorio Chierici, Xiyue Wang, Chang Qi, JunPeng Yang

Client: Shanghai Hongkou district government

Location: Da Ming Road crossing Nanxun road, Shanghai, China.

Total floor area: 1300 m²

Design period: April 2014
Materials: aluminum mirror finished with plywood core, stainless steel beams and columns

设计公司: 3GATTI
总设计师:Francesco Gatti
项目经理: Valentina Brunetti
设计团队:Máté Mészáros, Gregorio Chierici, Xiyue Wang, Chang Qi, JunPeng Yang
总建筑面积: 1300 m²