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SND concept store


Pulling the Sky
SND fashion store in Chongqing

When I started this retail project there was a simple and appealing idea of hanging everything from the ceiling – thus moving out of the way the furniture and items to be sold so that all the floor space could be free for customers to circulate. So using a software that simulates the physics of real materials, we imagined an elastic ceiling that was pulled down by the weight of these various objects. The next step was to think about the technical equipment necessary for the store such as lighting, speakers, sprinklers, cameras, AC and ventilation so it was natural to think of this ceiling as a permeable surface. This was the origin of the ethereal white ceiling; an ephemeral support for ephemeral objects.
We provided the factory with a file of more than 10,000 different shapes of stripes to hang on the ceiling and thank goodness each piece was not hand crafted by the Chinese workers but was precision cut by machines in a super short time. We used a very thin white translucent fiberglass material because of its fire resistance and the good way it reacted to light reflection thus creating a ceiling landscape that would be a spectacular source of light, beauty and emptiness; perfect for every fashion victim.
Although the store is not very big the extension of the ceiling landscape is apparently endless thanks to mirror walls that disorient the visitors walking around these ethereal ceiling cavities.
This heavenly ceiling is surely the protagonist of the space; we chose recycled timber as a dark background for the floor and walls to make the ceiling emerge from the general environment. Finally we designed simple cubical volumes covered with soft grey felt as the only furniture which the shop could use as sofas, cash desk and product displayers.
The store façade is left transparent simply showing the striped section of the ceiling volume thus creating a sculptural attraction for the visitors to the Chongqing World Financial Center.

Francesco Gatti


当我开始这个店铺的设计构思时,我只有一个简单却又引人入胜的想法,那就是所有的设计元素都将“从天而降”- 因此顾客将有充足自由的购物浏览空间而不被一般店铺底面中所摆放的家具和销售单品所阻碍。首先我们使用一个模型软件来模仿用材的物理特性,创造出一个可拉伸有张力的天花吊顶仿佛真实地被各类物件的重量所影响从而垂坠了下来。其次我们考虑到了店铺中所必须的一些设备例如照明、音响、消防喷淋、摄像头、空调和通风等,所以“可渗透”型的半开式吊顶外观想法则理所应当的浮出了水面。以上则是垂坠吊顶的创作本意,好似对转瞬即逝商品的片刻拥抱支撑。


Programme: Fashion store products exhibition area (dresses, shoes, jewelry, glasses, design products, books), lounge area, DJ console, two fitting rooms, office room

Architecture firm: 3GATTI
Chief architect: Francesco Gatti
Project manager: Valentina Brunetti
Collaborators: Carole Chan Liat, Cianan Alexander Crowley, YingLing Kong, Bogdan Chipara, Jovan Kocic, Pao Yee Lim

Client: Chongqing Xingjun Trade Pty Ltd.
Contractor: Zhao YiLong

Location: WFC mall, Chongqing

Total floor area: 180 m²

Design period: May-June 2014
Construction period: July-August 2014
Materials: white translucent fiberglass sheets, recycled timber, grey felt, mirror glass, steel structure.
Photographer: Shen Qiang

SND 概念店设计人员名单:

项目简述:时尚店铺,展示区域包括:服装、鞋类、首饰、眼镜、设计单品、书籍,休息区,DJ台, 2间试衣间,办公区域。
总设计师: Francesco Gatti
项目经理: Valentina Brunetti
设计团队:Cianan Alexander Crowley, Jovan Kocic, Carole Chan Liat, YingLing Kong, Pao Yee Lim, Bogdan Chipara
业主: 重庆星竣贸易有限责任公司

总建筑面积: 180 平方米

设计用材: 白色半透明玻璃纤维板,回收木板,灰色毛毡,镜面玻璃,钢结构材料