Flying Cube | 3GATTI

Flying Cube


Flying Pavilion for the New Culture Festival «Art-Ovrag 2013. Garden City»

The flying pavilion is a helium filled shelter that can exists temporarily on any site.
Within a lightweight nylon bag shell, coloured helium balloons are used to carry it aloft; each balloon lit from within, displaying a different colour.
Each balloon in anchored in the crossing of the box braces lines so to be always pulled to the middle and never touch the exterior shell, keeping the box shape sharp and clean.
The flying box act as a shelter and curtains can be used as screens to create an interior space.
Anchored to the ground by fine wires it can rise and fall to fit a given purpose.
The structure is very simple and light, made of nylon lines and light weight wood or aluminium beams.
The box can act as a screen for open air cinema or video art.
The shelter can be slightly rotated to make the rain water flow away.
All sides of the cube can be employed as projection screens: The cube itself becomes an artwork.
In sunny days the structure can rise into the sky to act as a beacon to the surrounding landscape.
During the night, the balloons inside the cube are lightened up with LED light and become a landmark for the festival.
It’s a temporary pavilion: Very easy to built and use, interactive and inexpensive thanks to the very simple materials and construction methods.


Architecture firm: 3GATTI
Chief architect: Francesco Gatti
Project architects: Marianna Quota, Dawa Pratten

Client: International Cultural Project «Art-Residence» , State Museum of Architecture Schusev, Moscow, National Center of Contemporary Art (NCCA)

Year: 2013

Location: Vyksa, Russia