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HighTex showroom


Space Symmetry

The concept for the Hightex Shop is inspired by the nature and the morphology of the soft Hangzhou hills.
Conceptually we cut a portion of a hill and transferred inside our shop so to replace the ordinary floor with a random slope surface like the one you find in nature.
To emphasize this concept the level curves of the natural morphology will be drawn on the resin surface of the floor with a gradient abstract color for example going from white to red.
Each level curve will sign a height of 5 centimeters so averagely in a space of 300 square meters the hill will not go more high than one meter, case by case in each Hightex shop can be designed a different ground morphology with different gradient colors, but keeping the strong identity of the brand using the same concept everywhere.
The slope will start from the entrance and will give to the visitor a light feeling of challenge like a playground to be discovered, indirectly forcing him to climb the hill following also the color that will get more and more intense.
To emphasize the slope and the prospective, so to make the space bigger from the entrance view, we made the ceiling as the exact reflection of the ground, with the same slope, same paint finish, and same graphic design.
The second important element of this design is the box platforms that will float on the fluid hill like random buoys on the water.

Those planar squares will functionally allow to install the different exhibition stands and emerging from the ground will be the attraction points of the shop.
The mirrored box placed on the ceiling will work as a huge empty lamp to give the best light on top of the shop products.
The smallest box can serve other functions like the reception desk or the bar or a stage for conferences.
The biggest area between the boxes can be used alternatively as a playground for kids or as a conference sitting space for special events, in this cases the seats can be the very confortable and relaxed style of “sacco” an Italian design furniture used as sofa.

The aim of this design is to create very simple and strong elements that can contain in a very flexible way the more complex and miscellaneous products, but at the same time can give a strong image of the brand keeping the same identity in all the Hightex shops.










architecture firm: 3GATTI
chief architect: Francesco Gatti
project manager: Summer Nie

architecture firm: 3GATTI
chief architect: Francesco Gatti
project manager: Summer Nie