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Tune Kiosk


The Tune concept combines the latest American technology with Chinese traditional medicine.
The kiosk is equipped with an electronic system that will check your health situation thanks to hands cradles (that will sense the electricity from your hands) and will add the right vitamins and Chinese traditional medicine to your fruit juice. Each customer will have a code so the network system can follow their health situation in wherever kiosk they are around the world.
The Kiosk shape and surface concept is related with organic feelings and materials.
The choice is to use natural colors as the one of the logo, natural material as leather. There are also different options with artificial materials as resin, polycarbonate and fiberglass. Important properties of the material is that have to resist to the usage of bar desk, mainly for juice glasses, and have to be translucent so to feel the lights and led system that will be fixed under the skin to create a pulsing effect of light coming from behind the surface.


Design firm: 3GATTI
Chief architect: Francesco Gatti
Project manager: Ingrid Pu
Brand design: Mirko Adami

Client: Inte Medica (Nevada), SES (Shanghai)

Location: worldwide chain bar

Year: 2007